Tancredi – ROSSINI – Festival de Beaune

Festival de Beaune
Tancredi - ROSSINI - Festival de Beaune | Jérémie Rhorer


Direction, Jérémie Rhorer

Tancredi, Anna Goryachova

Amenaide, Sarah Traubel

Argirio, Matthew Newlin

Orbazzano, Andreas Wolf

Roggiero, Valentin Thill

Isaura, Deniz Uzun


Namur’s Choir

Le Cercle de l’Harmonie


Rossini’s Tancredi, concert version


Tancredi is an opera, melodramma eroico in 2 acts, composed by Rossini in 1813 for the Fenice in Venice. The story comes from the homonymous tragedy by Voltaire, himself inspired by the story of Tancred of Hauteville, a Norman lord. Voltaire’s hero is engaged in Sicily in the year 1005. 

Rossi’s libretto tells the story of an impossible love affair which, in the tradition of opera seria, has a happy ending. After the premiere, Rossini commissioned a new ending closer to the one written by Voltaire. This new version was performed at the Teatro Comunale in Ferrara. It is the version presented by the Cercle de l’Harmonie and Jérémie Rhorer.  

This title marked Rossini’s first success and the foundations of romantic opera. Tancredi was exported to Europe and became internationally renowned. And for good reason, its melodies and orchestration are original while respecting the codes and a charming simplicity. The aria “Di tanti palpiti” became instantly famous among the Venetians. 

“The Rossinian knight allows his interpreters to shine and to be moved at the same time” Chantal Cazaux


Festival de Beaune